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Bread and Jam

Artisanal Jams

Local Pick up Only

All Jam is 3 for 10€ or 4.50€ per pot 
(not including "English Pickle", "Toffee Apple" and "Apple Sauce" which is 5€ per pot)

Our Flavours

Pear William

Pear & Cinnamon

Pear & Chocolate

Cherry & Cinnamon

Cherry & Port 

Cherry & Vanilla

Strawberry & Vanilla

Plum & Almond

Plum & Caramel

Plum & Spiced Rum

Red Fruits


Yellow Nectarine


Black Forest

English Specialties for Christmas

Traditional English Pickle

Toffee Apple Jam

* Products in red are of limited stock

Product Order Form


Thank you for your order. We will be in contact shorlty to arrange date and time for pick up

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